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Marketing Services to scale-up your Research + Innovation

Challenge - How to Accelerate the Innovation Funnel

Our mission is to funnel the transformation potential of Science & Technology into its real-life application.

Create, communicate, deliver and accelerate value towards target groups.

HOW we generate TRACTION

Open Networks

Harness the power of open collaboration -

We are members of some of the most disruptive communities of the digital economy, with 11+ years creating synergies in European grants, with 20%+ success rate in H2020.

Our network include partners in Academia, Industry, Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation and Standardization.

Marketing Communication

Innovation Made Attractive -

Gain outstanding visibility and reach out to a critical mass.

Graphical and Multimedia Material | Branding | Website Development | Content | Social media | Engagement campaigns


Grow your value - Capturing and accelerating the business potential of Digital + Sustainable Innovation.

We empower new business ideas to scale, increasing competitiveness, market research and capacity to access customers.

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